A friendly community of wood enthusiasts

A friendly community of wood enthusiasts

On 20.12.2019 we closed down the European Woodworking Community. You can read about it in our last blog post. 

Welcome to the European Woodworking Community!

We are a community of woodworkers from all over Europe who share their joy and passion of woodworking on the web. We are all hobby woodworkers who publish our work online in one form or another: on YouTube, on Instagram or in a blog.

Many of us have experienced the sense of community among “web-based woodworkers”: Through encouraging comments to videos, photos or blog posts, through constructive feedback and suggestions or even through the exchange of tools in the form of presents or giveaways.

These experiences let us to founding this community: It is meant to encourage and strengthen the connection between woodworkers all over Europe. All of its members share their experiences and the projects with the world and offer to help each other.