Become a member

Become a member

On 20.12.2019 we closed down the European Woodworking Community. You can read about it in our last blog post. 

How can you participate?

We’re glad that you want to take part in our community. You can become a member if you have some public account on the web on which you share your own woodworking content. This can be

  • a YouTube channel,
  • an Instagram account or
  • a blog.

The content that you publish has to show at least a couple of projects that you made yourself.

Why these requirements?

There are many people on the web who post other people’s content but don’t contribute anything of their own making. We want to be a maker community that connects people who practice woodworking themselves.

Take part

If this description fits you  and you’re interested then go to the members area and register to become a member. It is completely free. 

Within a short time you will hear back from us. All members will be listed on the members page. That way, we can get to know each other’s work and follow the posts of other members.

Go to the members area.

What’s in it for you?

EWC logo

  • As a member you will be listed on the members page which provides strong reach for your work among fellow woodworkers.
  • Members offer to be open for questions of other members. Experienced woodworkers can help novices, someone who’s been on YouTube for years can help someone who’s just getting started. As a member you can contact other members via messaging in the members area.
  • The community becomes visible through our logo. As a member you are allowed to use it on your accounts to show that you are part of our community.
  • You can ask members of the community to support you with any woodworking-related endeavours that you might be planning. Do you want to announce a challenge? Ask members to help you spread the word.
  • And apart from all these aspects, being a member gives you that warm and wonderful sense of belonging to a community of friendly and supportive individuals who are all passionate about the same thing as you: woodworking.